1. slumbermancer:

    my ideal Star Wars episode 7

    • R2-D2 and C-3PO fuck up in some hilariously inept way, like they accidentally release a swarm of very angry chimps who know how to fly through space and use guns, or they hit the Bring Emperor Palpatine Back To Life button or something.
    • there’s…

    This is my ideal Star Wars Episode 7 too, now.


  3. titleknown said: Speaking of Jame's Cameron's Avatar, what are your thoughts on Barsoom (and the creatures thereof) from John Carter of Mars? Because, that's what James Cameron was mainly ripping off with Avatar, and I think you'd at least find the Kaldanes pretty cool...


    I never could get into reading Burroughs, Robert E. Howard or the other Ripped Dude Adventures in Rescuing Tits from Monsters genre but I admire the sheer silliness of it all and Burroughs had a lot of amazing creature concepts.

    Yes, the Kaldanes are my absolute favorites. I especially love this foreign cover art interpreting one. This is possibly one of my single favorite illustrations ever, in fact:

    The  Kaldanes in the book, of course, have multiple spider-like legs but this is otherwise accurate and I think I actually like this four-limbed interpretation more.

    That is indeed an awesome illustration.

  4. magictransistor:

    Abu Yahya Zakariya’ ibn Muhammad al-Qazwini; ‘Wonders of the Seven Seas’ section of ‘Aja’ib al-makhluqat wa-ghara’ib al-mawjudat (Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing), ca. 1203-1283 CE.

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  6. baumbydahm:

    The revelation of the real Wizard of Oz, and his rewards for the Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Lion. These are from chapter 16; I skipped ahead a bit.

  7. jonyorkblog:

    Steve Gildea
    Planetary Suite, circa 1990

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  8. astronomy-to-zoology:

    Snowflake Moray (Echidna nebulosa)

    Also known as the clouded moray, the snowflake moray is surprisingly a species of moray eel (Muraenidae) which is widespread throughout the Indo-Pacific region, from the eastern coast of Africa thorough Micronesia including the Red Sea and Hawaii. It also occurs in the eastern Central Pacific, from southern Baja California, Mexico, and from Costa Rica to northern Colombia. Like most morays, snowflake morays are carnivorous and will feed on a variety of fish and crustaceans. 


    Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Anguillformes-Muraenidae-Echidna-E. nebulosa

    Images: Silke Baron and Josh More

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    Patrick Kyle  2014

    This is so gooood. 

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    Japanese Poster: Image and Environment. Masao Shirasawa. 2012

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  11. gworge:

    Old picture of an animal fight club.

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  13. E.C. Segar 

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    Zdzisław Beksiński